• Operates efficiently without any external guidance
  • Highly efficient vision system for local maneuver and landmark-based navigation
  • Vision system for medium to long range navigation and maneuvering
  • Infrared sensors for collision avoidance


Main CPU: A Vesta board with a Motorola 68332 32-bit processor
Sensors: 20 infrared sensors installed around the base to detect obstacles up to 1 m away
8 bump sensor pads around the bottom base section of the platform
Vision System: Includes the Texas Instruments' TMS320C31 Digital Signal Processor (DSP) board operating at 33.3 MHZ;
2 Chinon CX-62 colour solid state chip cameras mounted on 2 Futaba FP-S148 servo motors to provide 120 degree swivel movement
I/O: 1 joystick port;
1 video port for obtaining views of what the vision system is "seeing"
Size: width 43.5 cm
length 64 cm
height 51 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Motor: 2 90 watt DC motors
Battery: 2 12-volt rechargeable batteries with 792 watt hours output
Control switches for use by the human operator: A main power push button; a toggle on/off switch for the motor; a toggle switch for the electrical system; emergency "kill" switches to immediately shut down the power to the motors
Payload: 35 kg
Top Speed: 2 m/sec
Turn Radius: 155 cm
Accessories: Joystick, User Manual


  • People Following/People Avoiding Sensor Package
  • Light Sensor Assembly
  • Behavior-Based Vision Processor Board
  • Video Transmitter/Receiver
  • Voice Recognition/Synthesis
  • Digital Radio Control Transmitter/Receiver (with or without video feedback)
  • Korebot Board
  • PC/104 Processor Board
  • Radio Modem
  • Pan-Tilt Unit
  • SICK Proximity Laser Scanner
  • BreezeCom 4-Port System
  • Computerized Navigation Compass
  • Fiber Optic Gyro
  • Speech ISA ASCII-to-Speech Interface
  • Vision Based Navigation System
  • Basic Synthesized Voice Vocabulary
  • Basic Pseudo Command Vocabulary for the Speech Recognition Unit

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