GAIA-2 platform is designed for outdoor intelligent robot research and development using behavior-based, as well as conventional mobile robot technology. Waterproofing applied to the bottom and axles of the rugged robot allows it to run in water or mud up to 10cm deep. GAIA-2 can climb over obstacles up to 15cm high. Independent and differential drive on all 4 wheels provide a zero turning radius. GAIA-2 also offers waterproof ultrasonic sensors for obstacles avoidance.
Software access to the processor, sensors, and drive motors is easily achieved through standard interface. This interface is also used for accessing GAIA-2 options (e.g., vision system, additional sensors, actuators).
PC/104 is the default processor and two optional processors include Motorola 68332 processor (Vesta board), or XSCALE PXA-255 processor (Korebot board) by K-Team in Switzerland. GAIA-2 can be operated by remote control from a PC, notebook computer, or a workstation. Or to make GAIA-2 robot fully autonomous, a program is downloaded directly to GAIA-2. GAIA-2 robot has a wide variety of options such as people following/avoidance, light following/avoidance, and various data/video communication devices. With the optional vision system, vision-based maneuvering and landmark navigation can be implemented.


Default Processor: PC/104 processor
Optional Motorola MC68332, 32-bit microcontroller
Optional XSCALE PXA-255 processor
Optional MC6811 and/or PIC for peripheral processing
Basic Sensors: 7 ultrasonic sensors which emit 40 Khz carrier wave with 20 Hz modulation to detect the strength of reflection.
Standard I/O: Serial port for remote control and program download.
2 additional serial ports
6 digital inputs
7 digital outputs
Size: width: 53 cm (21 inches)
length: 49 cm (19 inches)
height: 26.5 cm (11 inches)
Weight: 40 kg (88 lbs) approximately
Payload: 20 kg (44 lbs) maximum
Top Speed: 80 cm/s (3.6 km/h). Speed can be adjusted continuously.
Run Time: 5 hours (with zero payload)
Motor Output: 140w (x4)

Video Clip - GAIA-2 running in snow
Windows Media Player (1MB)


Processor Options:
  • Standard Processor - Pentium III based PC/104 board
  • Vesta board - Motorola 32bit MC68332
  • KoreBot board - 400 MHz ARM processor based board
  • Laptop PC or PC
Main Options:
  • Video camera/transmitter/receiver
  • Wireless ethernet
  • Remote control transmitter/receiver
  • Vision based navigation
  • People following/people avoiding system
  • Light source following/avoidance software package

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