Contrary to other robots in this price range, Hemisson is the first programmable robot that is ready-to-use: plug it in your PC, program its behavior with BotStudio, simulate it with Webots-Hemisson and apply it on the real robot. Now, you can interactively learn mobile robotics, programming, electronics, mechanics, control, and physics. No need for a degree in electronics or mechanics to assemble it.


Hemisson is an attractive media for students in any science and engineering course. No need to disassembled and arrange the robots at the end of the day since Hemisson is a pre-mounted robot. Moreover, Hemisson can be expanded with many extension modules opening a large number of possibilities for curriculum development.

Hemisson is a powerful platform to do experiments on latest developments in mobile robotics. It has an open programming library so that you can code your own experiments with CCS C compiler and download it via the serial port using the Hemisson Uploader. The open electronics specifications allow you to create your own electronics module.

Other features include:
Six ambient-light & proximity sensors, two ground sensors, a serial port to program or control the robot, an infrared control link, a felt-pen plotter, a buzzer, and many predefined modes (obstacle avoidance, line following, dance, ...). This 12cm (4.7") diameter robot works with a standard 9V battery.


Processor: PIC16F877
Motors: 2 DC motors to independently drive both wheels. Zero turning radius.
Sensors: 6 infrared emitters and receivers measuring ambient light and proximity of surrounding obstacles
2 infrared emitters and receivers measuring ambient light and contrast on the ground
Battery: 1 connector for a standard 9V battery
I/O Interface: 1 serial port for communication with computer.
1 TV remote receiver.
1 Buzzer.
4 LEDs.
6 switches.
Extensions: 1 extension bus for numerous modules.
1 slot for a felt pen in the center of the robot.
Size: 12cm (4.7") diameter
Weight: 200g

Hemisson Pack
  1. Hemisson Robot
  2. Serial Cable
    To connect Hemisson to the serial port of your PC.
  3. 9V Battery
    Provides 2 hours autonomy running in obstacle avoidance mode.
  4. Hemisson User's Manual
    A clear manual to make your first step with Hemisson.
  5. Felt-pen
    By setting it in the slot in the center of Hemisson, this standard felt-pen plots the trajectory of the robot.
  6. SysQuake LE and additional software
    SysQuake Light Edition (LE) allows you to control Hemisson from your PC via a serial cable or a wireless communication module. Hemisson's CD also includes the firmware source code reusable in the CCS C compiler and an electronic version of Hemisson's Documentation.
  7. 1 month warranty
Hemisson Deluxe Pack

Hemisson Deluxe Pack includes Hemisson Pack plus the following
  1. Webots-Hemisson & BotStudio
    Webots-Hemisson allows you to model your environment and simulate in 3D the robot's behavior. A visual programming interface, BotStudio allows you to build your own robot's behavior by causing motor states to transition based on sensor readings. You can then either simulate it with Webots-Hemisson or transfer it to the real robot. Webots-Hemisson and Bot-Studio are provided under a single-user license.
  2. Rechargeable NiMh Battery (8.4V, 150mAh)
    Provides 1 hour autonomy running in obstacle avoidance mode. Provided as replacement for the 9V battery of Hemisson Pack.
  3. Warranty extension to 2 years
    The solution to insure your investment.


Hardware options
  • BasicStamp2© interface
  • External programmer interface
  • In-circuit-debug interface
  • General I/O module
  • LCD Display
  • Linear camera (black & white)
  • Radio link
  • Text to speech module
  • Ultrasonic sensor
  • Wireless color camera
Software options (included with DeLuxe Pack)
  • BotStudio: A visual programming interface
  • Webots-Hemisson: A realistic 3D simulator

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