• Manipulators with different sensors
  • Intelligent control
  • Can be used stand-alone or on a mobile robot
  • High precision
  • Harmonic drive - minimizes backlash
  • Quick movement: 90 - 175 degrees/second per joint
  • Degree of freedom: 4, 5 or 6
  • Controller: 1 motor controller per joint
  • Communication: Web application, miniUSB
  • I/O support: Beckoff, Wago I/O devices, Modbus, ROS, Webservices
  • Power: 36 V DC
P-Rob® is the family name for innovative, versatile and high-quality programmable robotic arm with fully integrated electronics. Highly flexible robotic gripper systems, P-Grip, are fabricated for sensitive and safe grasping.

P-Rob® 1R is a a persomal robotic manipulator with six degrees of freedom. A two-finger gripper can be mounted on P-Rob either in the direction of the forearm or in a right angle, depending on the task.

P-Rob 1R


  • Research & education mainly in artificial intelligence, engineering, automation, social interaction
  • Industrial automation of handling objects, assembling, quality control
  • Service robotics


  • Stand-alone, or on a mobile robot
  • Control and communication with P-Rob through myP web interface


P-Rob 1R
Motors Brushless DC Motors
Precision +-0.1 mm (repetition accuracy)
Degrees of Freedom 6
Operating Range 77 cm radius (without gripper)
Construction Aluminum skeleton, soft cover for safety
Weight ca. 16 kg ( without base plate of 1.2 kg)
Payload 3 kg (1.5 kg when P-Grip mounted)
Operating Voltage 36V (24V possible, reduced speed)
Speed 90 - 175 degrees in 1 second per joint

Communication Interfaces

Internal Communication
  • Embedded PC for sensor data acquisition
  • I2C bus for sensor data transmission
  • CAN bus for motor control and data transmission

External Communication
  • Web application running on external PC
  • Mini USB port for controlling
  • Ethernet port for monitoring sensors

Grippers and Extensions

P-Grip® is the family name for a highly flexible robotic gripper systems for sensitive and safe grasping

P-Grip® 1
  • Standalone device with two 15-pin D-Sub connectors
  • Consists of gripper itself and two removeable fingers
  • Optimally designed for P-Rob
  • Can be used with other robots or automation equipment
  • Can be mounted on P-Rob either straight on the top of robot (180 degree) or in a right angle with the robot (90 degree)
  • Gripper is able to hold objects with 19mm to 108mm diameter
  • Fingers can be optionally equipped with up to two IR proximity sensors and A/D converter each

P-Grip 1

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