AAI Robots' Summary Chart

Robot Operation Processor Size, Payload, Number of sensors
Hemisson desktop Microchip Processor @ 20MHz equipped with 8Kb of Flash Memory Size: 12 (diameter) cm
Sensors: 8 IR
Koala indoor Motorola MC68331 16MHz Size: 32(L) x 32(W) x 20(H) cm
Payload: 1 kg
Sensors: 16 IR proximity and light, 1 Ambient temperature, 1 Battery
GAIA-2 in/outdoor PC/104
Option: Vesta board1), Korebot2), V-33)
Size: 49(L) x 53(W) x 27(H) cm
Payload: 20 kg
Sensors: 7 Ultrasonic
LABO-1 indoor Vesta board1) Size: 38(L) x 28(W) x 15(H) cm
Payload: 5 kg when running on a smooth flat surface
Sensors: 6 IR
LABO-2 indoor PC/104
Option: Vesta board1), Korebot2), V-33)
Size: 72(L) x 64(W) x 38(H) cm
Payload: 135 kg
Sensors: 12 IR
LABO-3 indoor PC/104
Option: Vesta board1), Korebot2), V-33)
Size: 46(L) x 34(W) x 23(H) cm
Payload: 30 kg
Sensors: 10 IR
LABO-4 indoor PC/104
Option: Vesta board1), Korebot2), V-33)
Size: 60(L) x 58(W) x 31(H) cm
Payload: 115 kg
Sensors: 8 Active IR, 8 Ultrasonic, Tactile sensors in front and rear bumpers
OCT-1C indoor Vesta board1) Size: 60(L) x 35(W) x 18(H) cm
Payload: 0.3 kg
Sensors: 8 IR, 15 Light, 5 Tactile
SECT II indoor -- Size: 62.2(L) x 42(W) x 22.2(H) cm
Payload: 3 kg
MERV indoor -- Size: 70 cm (94 cm with shock absorber)
Payload: 50 kg
Sensors: 2 SICK LMS-200 laser scanners, High-resolution wheel encoders, 8 full-body tactile zones, Optional NTSC and PAL frame grabber
TAO-7 in/outdoor Vesta board1), PIC Size: 100.3(L) x 64.5(W) x 122(H) cm
Payload: 138 kg
Sensors: 13 IR, 8 Ultrasonic, 1 Camaera
M-2 outdoor Vesta board1), PIC (12)
Option: Korebot2), PC/104
Size: 142(L) x 73(W) x 48(H) cm
Payload: 100 kg
Sensors: 4 IR communication, 5 Ultrasonic obstacle detection, Tactile sensors in front and rear bumpers, Behavior-based vision system
HT-2 in/outdoor EBX processor (Pentium III embedded PC processor board) Size: 239 (L) x 120 (W) cm
Payload: 300 kg
Sensors: 16 Ultrasonic, 4+8 Bumper, and 2 Encoders
1) Vesta board: Motorola MC68332, 32bit microcontroller
2) Korebot: 400MHz ARM processor based board
3) For details on V-3 vision board, please click here.

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